Individuals and teams

A special strategic goal of the Science and Technology Park is represented by innovative and technologically oriented entrepreneurial ideas that enter the commercialization process.

Individuals and teams will be able to work diligently on the commercialization of innovative ideas in a shared and creatively designed space. In addition, STP will offer the possibility of using specialized laboratory spaces that will serve applied scientific research, the results of which could improve existing or create new businesses.


A specific strategic goal of the Science and Technology Park Montenegro are the innovative and technology-oriented entrepreneurial ideas that are part of the commercialization process.

In this regard, the development of the Start-up companies as a necessary economic generator, generator of scientific-technological and overall development of the economic and business environment will be a particular focus of Science and Technology Park Montenegro.

Science and Technology Park will be a place of initiation, creation and realization, for all the creative, daring and innovative individuals, teams and companies.


Science and Technology Park Montenegro will be a gathering place for high-tech companies, which develop their work on innovations, development and implementation of modern technological achievements.

Under one roof we will bring together, companies, teams and individuals, whose vision is directed on business growth, strengthening the competitiveness and internationalization of business.

Trough the described activities we want to contribute to the empowering of Montenegrin economy, but also to strengthen the synergy between the key actors of Montenegro’s economic life. By utilizing the infrastructural resources of Science and Technology Park, companies will enjoy innovative setting for achieving ambitious business goals. Work and create in an environment that exudes positive energy and a creative spirit.


In the implementation of educational activities, the Science and Technology Park of Montenegro will be guided by the premise of a combination of scientific and research endeavors and practical skills, which are the foundation of successful organizations and systems.

Our goal is to enable our users, through the transfer of knowledge and skills, to acquire up-to-date and practice-tested knowledge that will enable them to adequately respond to the challenges they face every day.

In cooperation with domestic and international experts from practice and the academic world, we will prepare a set of programs to improve the business performance of users of our services.

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