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Starting your own business and creating a Start-up company can be a very difficult and challenging process. A good idea is important, but it is not a key factor when it comes to successful commercialization and profit making. The necessity of, ”young” entrepreneurs is capital access, mentor support, and the availability of numerous other structural resources in order to achieve the desired objectives. The incubator is a place for support and development of entrepreneurial ideas, as well as Start-up companies.

All start-ups will receive an incubator support for developing a business model and commercializing their ideas. Incubators are a good basis for realization of many entrepreneurial ventures, based on creativity and innovation.

Some of the worlds most successful companies have undergone incubation programs, that have ensured rapid development, gaining new knowledge, skills, market performance, networking processes and generating new business projects.



The accelerator is a system support program for existing companies and includes a series of support services for further growth and development.

It is an intensive, planned and long-lasting program, aimed at boosting business performance, with the aim of expanding the market, increasing revenues and profit, as well as creating new business ventures.

The acceleration program involves mentor-ship, transferring of expertise and networking with successful local or foreign companies or developing centers. The acceleration program envisages enhancing cooperation between actors of scientific-research and academic community, with the companies that are in support program of Science and Technology Park.





Strengthening business performances through appearing in foreign markets can be a very complex, long-term and risky process.

All the companies that have a potential to enter international markets through support services will be provided with a transfer of all necessary knowledge and business contacts, which will help them to internationalize their business. As the importance of strengthening the export capacity of the Montenegrin economy is important, all the tenants and service users of Science and Technology Park will be provided with all the necessary information for creating and implementing a successful marketing strategy for entering the international and probably global market.

A quality idea requires a lot of effort and work to reach the level of market valorisation.

For every entrepreneur, on his journey from concept to the market appearance every next step can be crucial. In order to avoid many obstacles, learning from others, rather than their mistakes, Science and Technology Park Montenegro will give a mentor support through a network of local and international mentors.

Mentoring is a set of activities aimed at monitoring and directing business processes in a defined time interval. Except it is time defined, mentoring is a process that is directed towards achieving specific business goals, such as productivity, profitability, change management and appearance on foreign markets.

In cooperation with local and international experts from practice and academic world, we will prepare a set of programs to improve the business performances of our users.

Our goal is that through transfer of skills and knowledge we enable our users to acquire up-to-date and proven knowledge that will adequately meet the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Science and Technology Park in the implementation of educational activities will be guided by the premise of a combination of scientific-research projects and practical skills which are the basis of successful organizations and systems.

Mentoring and education