10 partners with proved experience in the Blue Bioeconomy field from 8 Med countries and more than 300 Med stakeholders from universities, research centres, public authorities, business support organizations and Med multilateral organizations will be working together to create the Blue Biotechnologies (BBt) community in the Mediterranean.

The exploitation of marine bio-resources through biotechnological solutions is a field with massive potential for innovation and economic growth. This field is a relatively young discipline, so opportunities and key enabling factors need a coordination.

B-Blue project aims at gathering the key actors of the Med BBt sector and increase their innovation capacity and their coordination in order to unlock the innovation potential in the field through joint transnational initiatives, involving also organizations from the Southern Shore of the Mediterranean.

The goal of the B-Blue project action plan is:

Strengthening the link between BBt HUBs activated by the implementation of pilot actions by the PP in 5 different territories of the project area;

Defining strategic actions that grant the survival of the BBt project network after its completion;

Expanding the BBt network by copying the application of the BBt HUB framework to other territories;

Expanding the activities of each HUB by repeating the approach and vertical actions already developed on certain value chains;

Connecting the project network with existing and wider networks (eg ENOLL: EU Living Laboratories Network).

The main goal of WP2 is to reach approximately 100,000 people through the mass media through Interreg-Med channels, as well as to inform about 500 organizations of selected target groups through adequate messages. To this end, NTP has participated in marketing activities, such as: Project poster; Project newsletters – Informing stakeholders about project activities, events and main outcomes; Holding an online workshop on the importance of the blue biotechnology community.

As part of WP5, which includes the transfer of collected and developed knowledge, NTP CG is in charge of organizing a national workshop aimed at presenting potential partners and stakeholders goals, but also the results of the project so far, as well as to indicate potential directions for further development. very attractive area, which has significant potential for commercialization.

Realization period 2020 - 2023
Realization percentage 100%

Interrreg Medirerranean B-Blue