POLICY ANSWERS major events: Conference on aligning priorities in the Western Balkans and two workshops successfully organised

POLICY ANSWERS organised its major conference in Sarajevo in September 2023 under the umbrella of a whole series of events: the conference “Policy Dialogue on Aligning Priorities in the Western Balkans” was followed by two specific workshops dedicated to research infrastructures and researchers´ mobility.

The POLICY ANSWERS Conference, which you can also visit at https://eu-wb-policy-dialogue-stakeholder.b2match.io, showcased the substantial impact of policy dialogue when government representatives from the Western Balkans, key stakeholders, European Commission (EC) representatives, and experts from both the Western Balkans and the EU came together.

Approximately 150 participants from 19 European countries attended the Conference, which was held on 13th September in Sarajevo at the GreenPark Space. The event also provided an excellent opportunity to foster dialogue and collaboration between representatives of the Western Balkans Ministries and European Partnerships, resulting in the organization of 38 bilateral meetings.

“The #WBvision2030 Conference and Workshop on researchers mobility were successfully realised from September 13th to 15th in #Sarajevo. The room was buzzing with enthusiasm, filled with attendees eager to engage in discussions with all partners and stakeholders.” (Daniela Kuzmanovic)


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